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Push, Pull, and Uncertainty


– Regarding Relation and Power  



We have gone through many changes in the recent pandemic – both unique and different in experiences. Through my numerous works in the Relations series, as well as through my experiences and insights on this world, I believe that there are fundamental forces of pushing and pulling in all things. All the elements that make up the world are related to one another by those forces. The balance between the two forces is often difficult to achieve, but at times, the balance seems obtainable.  


The outcome between the actions of such forces is filled with uncertainty. This phenomenon also appears between the strokes in my works. The relationship between the pushing stroke and the pulling stroke; an unpredictability of results. Through expressions of minimalism and abstraction, my works reflect what was intended and what was not, into a symbiotic relationship. Thus, this relationship is a point of appreciation presented in my works. 

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